The Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Offshoring and Outsourcing Summit
December 4, 5, 6, 2012
Medellin, Colombia


19:00 - 20:30  

Exhibition Tour & Welcome Cocktail

Juan David Valderrama, Executive Director, The Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin (ACI)



8:00 - 8:45  


9:00 - 9:40  

Opening Remarks

Anibal Gaviria, Mayor of Medellin, Colombia
Sergio Diaz Granados, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Colombia
Antoni Estevadeordal, Manager of the Integration and Trade Sector, Inter-American Development Bank

9:45 – 10:45  

Plenary Session I

A strategic view on the emerging trends of Global Outsourcing
As the economic recovery slowly moves forward, the Global Outsourcing Industry is taking every day a more prominent place in the global economy. Growth of outsourcing activities is expected to continue in the coming years and both companies and outsourcing providers need to adopt new approaches to address the new challenges and fully take advantage of the opportunities that emerging trends have to offer. This panel will discuss the new shifts in the outsourcing industry and the best strategies that LAC countries can take to further position themselves as important players in the global outsourcing industry.

Avinash Vashistha, CEO Accenture, India

- Humberto Andrade, Head for Latin America, Infosys BPO
- Christopher Marlett, Founder, PatentVest and CEO, MDB Capital Group
- Vishal Ahluwalia, Executive Director – WMA Operations and Head Sourcing/Outsourcing, UBS Wealth Management Americas - Nicolás Jodal, CEO, GeneXus
- Maria Clara Choucair, CEO, Choucair Testing

10:45  – 11:00    

Special Presentation 1:

Investment Opportunities in Colombia
Maria Claudia Lacouture, President, Proexport Colombia

11:00  – 12:00    

Plenary Session II

The talent pool – developing skills for sector success
The availability of a highly skilled talent pool is of prime importance to investors and clients when selecting the location of their outsourcing operations. The experience of countries like India and the Philippines demonstrates that the Finishing Schools model can be a successful mechanism to overcome the challenges that countries face in offering investors an employment-ready labor pool with the technical and language skills required by the sector. This panel will focus on how to effectively implement human capital development programs in LAC countries and the roles that governments, the private sector and academia can play to achieve their success.

Fabrizio Opertti, Chief of the Trade and Investment Unit, IDB

- Tom Nolan , ICT Learning Network Manager, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Ireland
- Leila Janah, CEO, Samasource, USA
- Jaime Gutierrez Perez, Director of Human Capital Program, Emtelco, Colombia
- Ahmed Abdeen, Manager of HR Capital Building Programs, Information Technology Industry Development Agency-ITIDA, Egypt

12:00  – 12:30  

Plenary Session III

Cloud Computing: Maximizing Outsourcing Opportunities
A tremendous evolution on the technology field has been seen in the last decade and cloud computing is leading the list of top-notch technology trends. One of its virtues is the cost-efficient model for providing processes, applications and services regardless of where the user is or the type of device they are using. While cloud strategies continue to evolve and improve, LAC services providers will have to rapidly adapt to new technologies to be competitive in the global services industry. This panel will discuss the differences, benefits and challenges of diverse cloud solutions and how to effectively leverage them for IT or software purposes.

Kirk Laughlin, Founder and Editorial Director, Nearshore Americas

- Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden, USA
- Andrés Rozo, SSA North - Middleware & Systems Solution Leader, IBM
- Peter Ryan, Lead Analyst, Ovum, Canada
- Robin Barquin, CEO, Synapsis, Colombia

13:00 – 14:30  


14:30 – 14:55  

Special Presentation 2:

Colombia´s value proposition in the Services Sector
- Juan Carlos Garavito, General Manager Productive Transformation Program, Colombia
- Santiago Pinzon, Executive Director of BPO&IT, National Business Association of Colombia(ANDI)

14:55 – 15:20  

Future Flash Presentation

IDB’s Role in supporting the Global Services Sector in LAC
- Fabrizio Opertti, Chief of the Trade and Investment Unit, IDB
- Javier Capobianco, General Secretary, Latin American Association of Service Exporters (ALES)


15:20 – 16:20  

Plenary Session IV

Attracting the attention of investors
Venture capitalists and private equity firms are now hunting for smaller but innovative venture deals instead of large growth capital investments. However, attracting the attention of venture capital firms is not an easy task considering that the rejection rate can go as high as 98%. On this panel, representatives of top venture capital firms in the technology industry will present their experiences and share advice on how companies can attract the attention of venture capitalists.

Patricio D'Apice, President, Colombian Association of Private Equity- Colcapital and CIO & Managing Partner at Access SEAF

- David J. Blumberg, Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital
- Humberto Matsuda, Partner, Performa Investimentos
- Hiroshi Wald, Managing Director, Australcap
- Carlos Forero, Senior Manager, Axon Partners Group
- Hugo Silva, Director, Caixa Capital


16:20 – 16:30


Coffee Break

16:30 – 17:15  

Focus Session 1

Animation Services Outsourcing
This knowledge process sector provides great potential for countries with strong creative industries and technical talent. Global animation and gaming revenues have grown from $74 billion in 2005 to an estimated $115 billion in 2009 and are projected to reach $170 billion by 2013. The biggest markets are the US, Europe, and Japan, although China is now increasing in importance due to the rapid growth of online gaming. Unlike many other outsourced sectors, India is not a dominant player, with market share of 2% in animation and less than 1% in the sector as a whole. With excellent growth potential (18% annual growth projected through 2015) driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, increasing internet accessibility and new growth areas such as corporate e-learning and 3D technology, and a wide field of potential providers, this sector is one to watch in the future.

David Nordfors, President, IIIJ Innovation and Communication, USA

Keynote Speakers
-Evangelina Colasso, Co-founder and Business Developer, Blokwise

16:30  – 17:15  

Focus Session 2

The next ITO generation for emerging destinations: Mobility, Big Data and Analytics
Among the different technology trends, mobility, big data and analytics are those that lead the IT services segment. It has been predicted that the market for big data technology and services, worth $3.2 billion in 2010, will reach $16.9 billion in 2015. In the niche of mobility, emerging location have also enormous opportunities as more big companies are showing a strong interest in using mobile business applications to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace or to optimize a critical business process. This panel will discuss the do’s and don’ts that services providers in these niches need to take into account to ensure projects and services are delivered with the highest quality.

Harsh Mutal, CEO, Tholons

Keynote Speaker
Cliff Justice, Partner and U.S. Leader, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP

17:15  – 18:00  

Focus Session 3

Medical Services Outsourcing: Partners in Global Health
The health and medical vertical requires deep industry knowledge, adaptability to evolving client markets, and detailed attention to regulatory compliance. Healthcare spending has grown strongly since 2010, buoyed by the US Electronic Health Records (EHR) mandate, and an annual growth rate of over 6% in the healthcare vertical is predicted to persist through at least 2014. Spanning ITO, BPO and KPO – from niche application development, to records and revenue management, and even remote diagnostics – providers in this sector become partners in global healthcare.

Matias Bendersky, Lead Specialist, Office of Outreach and Partnerships, Inter-American Development Bank

Keynote Speakers
- Kumar Shwetabh, CEO, Pacific Global, Inc
- Raquel Artecona, Economic Affairs Officer, CEPAL

17:15  – 18:00  

Focus Session 4

IT Outsourcing and Engineering Services
Today the growth in IT services is being led by Cloud computing, Mobility, Big Data, Social media, Analytics and Security. Engineering services is another domain where good creative design skills combined with strong engineering education is a key factor. And it’s a huge market – global spending is expected to increase to more than $1 trillion by 2020. Covering areas from Remote Infrastructure Management to Software Development and Engineering Design services, this session will highlight how Latin American providers are gearing up to offer cutting edge IT and Engineering services and carving out a niche beyond the obvious nearshore advantage.

Anupam Govil, Partner, Avasant and President, Avasense

Keynote Speaker
Mario Chaves, CEO, Avantica Technologies, Costa Rica





9:00 - 13:00  

One-on-one Business Meeting

13:30 - 15:00  


Welcome Remarks:
Dario Solórzano, CEO, Intergrupo

Special Presentation: The Transformation of Medellin
The Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin (ACI) is the institution responsible for promoting Medellin as an attractive destiny for foreign direct investment, international cooperation, and for facilitating knowledge of the city’s best practices to different countries, cities and international institutions.
ACI will present what happened in recent years in Medellin: how the city handled its dark history of violence and drugs to becoming nowadays the most competitive city of Colombia.

Juan David Valderrama, Executive Director, The Cooperation and Investment Agency of Medellin (ACI)

13:30 - 14:00
14:30 - 15:00  

Medellin 2021: the capital of science, technology and innovation in Latam

The city has been working for some years in its transformation vocation going from an industrial economy to a position as a knowledge city. The mayor's adviser on R&D will present the pillars and programs that the city has taken into account to accomplish this aim and how Medellin will become the capital of science, technology and innovation in Latin America in 2021. Also, the Ruta N´s manager will present this institution and how its programs like landing strategy for foreign and national companies will complement and articulate the city vision.

- Juan Camilo Quintero-Medellin mayor's adviser on R&D
- Juan Pablo Ortega-Ruta N´s manager

15:00 - 15:30  

Medellin: from Digital City to Smart City

UNE Telecomunicaciones is the country’s largest broadband provider and its headquarters are in Medellin. The company will present cases of the city’s success by implementing technology solutions to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. The city has shifted from being the digital city of Latin America in 2011 (award given by the American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunications Companies AHCIET) to becoming a smart city.

Juan Roberto García, Comercial Vice President, UNE Telecomunicaciones

15:30 - 16:00  

Medellin as a bilingual city: The strategic tool to internationalization

Medellin will make the largest investment in Colombia's history to improve the citizens’ bilingual skills: Around US$30 million will be invested, which will be reflected in 2015 with approximately 15,000 certified people. The Bilingualism coordinator will present the key factors to success of this ambitious program.

Daniel Villarreal, Bilingualism Coordinator, Medellin Mayor’s Office

16:00 - 16:30  

ICT Cluster Strategy

The Information, Communication and Technology Cluster ICT is defined as the geographic concentration of companies and institutions focused on specialized and complementary activities such as: ICT Consulting, contact center, digital content, data center, infrastructure development, developing and marketing software, production and distribution of hardware, electronics and telecommunications in Medellin and Antioquia; which interact with each other, creating a business network in which everyone can improve their performance, profitability and competitiveness. As part of the city’s bet on technology and innovation, the Cluster Director will launch its Smart Services Outsourcing strategy, a high potential segment in the city according to the survey conducted by Cluster Development consultants and YUMA.

Ruben Cadavid, Director, ICT Cluster